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  1. pasnov96

    pasnov96 Oakley Beginner

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    i'm thinking to get a new pair of Oakley lifestyle sunglasses but it has to be a polarized ones.

    In this moment, i have Holbrook Shaun White 24k and Eyepatch 2.

    So, my question is if a black/grey iridium makes the same polarized effect like other iridium colors does.

    I dont know if keep what i've got or go for it.

    That's my doubt. Because i heard that the polarized its better on other iridium colors like "ruby iridium" and not so good on black/grey iridium.

    Is that true? Maybe i'm completely wrong but i want to make sure before buy some.

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  2. Ventruck

    Ventruck Oakley Expert

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    Not entirely sure what you mean by effect (polarized is polarized), but from what I can make out, each lens is going to be perceived differently because of tints and their original purposes.

    I think in your example, it's because Black Iridium is pretty much as dark as it gets, so the main gain is dealing with bouncing light. With other other colors I'd expect a noticeable difference in light transmission in general.
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