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Dragonvoi O-ddiction Chronicle Redux Omatter


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Since I could not modify my original collection thread I figured a new one is in order. I am almost done consolidating my list and taking all the pictures of my Omatter Pairs

I guess I gotta do a lotta shuffling once I get all the pics in. Pardon the mess for now!

AntixBrown Smoke/Tungsten Iridium
AntixPolished Black (Koi Print)/Grey
AntixPolished Black w/Print/Grey Polarized
C SixAluminum/Grey Polarized
C SixCarbon Fiber/Tungsten Iridium Polarized
Collectors FrogskinsMatte Blue B1-B/Sapphire Iridium
Eye Patch (Square O)Bottle Green/Emerald Green
Eye Patch (Square O)Brown Sugar/VR50-Brown Gradient
Eye Patch (Square O)Green Pigeon Print/Emerald Iridium
Eye Patch (Square O)Green Pigeon Print/Grey
Eye Patch (Square O)Grey Smoke/Grey
Eye Patch (Square O)Polished Black/Ice Iridium
Eye Patch (Stretchline)Brown Smoke/Dark Bronze
Eye Patch (Stretchline)White/Emerald Iridium
Eye Patch 2Matte Black/Grey Polarized
Eye Patch 2Polished Black/Black Iridium
Eye Patch 2Polished Black/Titanium Iridium
Eye Patch 2Polished Black/Violet Iridium
Eye Patch 2Steel/Emerald Iridium
Fast Jacket XLPolished Black/Black Iridium / Persimmon
Flak 2.0 XLSapphire Fade/Prizm Sapphire Iridium Polarized
Flak JacketBlack Chrome/Tungsten Iridium Polarized
Fuel CellBlack Raceworn Orange/Torch Iridium
Half Jacket (2)CARBON FIBER/Black Iridium
HijinxArt Chantry/Warm Grey
HijinxBrown Smoke/Dark Bronze
HijinxBrown Smoke/Dark Bronze
HijinxCrystal Black/Black Iridium
HijinxGreen Black Splatter/Dark Grey
HijinxKozik Polished Black/Ruby Iridium
HijinxPolished Black (Tier 3)/Black Iridium Polarized
HijinxPolished Black (Tier 3)/Black Iridium Polarized
HijinxPolished Black w/Print/Warm Grey
HijinxPolished Black/Black Iridium
HijinxPolished Black/Black Iridium
HijinxPolished Black/Black Iridium Polarized
HijinxPolished Black/Bronze Polarized
HijinxPolished Black/Ice Iridium
HijinxPolished Black/Ice Iridium
HijinxPolished Black/VR28 Black Iridium Polarized
HijinxPolished Black/Warm Grey
HijinxPolished Rootbeer/Gold Iridium
HijinxPolished White/Black Iridium Polarized
HijinxPolished White/Grey
HijinxShadow Camo/Grey
HijinxShadow Camo/Warm Grey
HijinxShadow Camo/Warm Grey
HijinxSoviet/Dark Grey
HijinxSoviet/Dark Grey
HijinxSoviet/Emerald Iridium
HolbrookMatte Blue B1-B/Sapphire Iridium
JawboneGreen (Vented) w/H.I. Yellow/+Red Iridium
Monster DoggleBrown Tortoise/Bronze
OverthetopFlat Black - Blade II/Ruby Iridium
OverthetopFMJ+/Emerald Iridium
PlateDark Silver/Black Iridium
Radar PathFog/+Red Iridium
ScalpelBrown Sugar/Bronze Polarized
ScalpelBunker Blue/Fire Iridium
ScalpelDark Grey/+Red Iridium
ScalpelMatte White/Black Iridium
ScalpelPolished Black/Black Iridium
ScalpelPolished Black/Grey
ScalpelWhite Chrome/Grey
ScarBlack/Black Iridium
ScarMidnight/Fire Iridium
SliverMatte Black/Ruby Iridium
SpliceBlack Chrome - Black/Black Iridium
SpliceBlack Gunmetal - Polished Black/Emerald Iridium
SpliceFMJ 5.56 - Polished Black/Fire Iridium
SpliceFMJ+ - Crystal Black/Ice Iridium
SpliceFMJ+ - Crystal Black/Ice Iridium
SpliceFMJ+ - Crystal Black/Slate Iridium
SpliceMatte Black - Crystal Black/Grey
SplicePlatinum - Rootbeer/Gold Iridium
SplicePlatinum - Rootbeer/Ruby Iridium
SpliceWhite Chrome - Crystal Black/Ice Iridium
SpliceWhite Chrome - Crystal Black/Ice Iridium
New Straight JacketBlack Chrome/Ice Iridium
Thump 1.5Polished Black 256Mb/Grey
UnknownCrystal Black/Black Iridium
ValveBlue - FMJ+/Black Iridium
ValveDark Grey/Ice Iridium
New ValveCarbon Fiber/Chrome Iridium

There are several others that still need pictures but I will be putting those up as I go through everything.








Like Ollivander's lol. Missing about 30


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