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Discussion in 'Oakley X-Metal Discussion' started by bouncing_boy77, 9/24/11.

  1. bouncing_boy77


    hey folks, i might be in the market for these, i just have a few questions. what's the difference between model #s [SIZE=-1]12-673 and [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]04-159? i know that both came out after oakley stopped putting serial #s on the left earstem, but besides that, what's the difference between the 2? and how much are they going for nowadays? thanks a bunch![/SIZE]

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  2. S-works


    only diff is the lens and coin

    12-673 is pre '09 w/o hydrophobic lens and package comes with the older bigger flat coin
    04-159 is post '09 that comes standard with hydrophobic lens. The coin is the newer smaller one.

    since Oakley discontinued the ducati juliet, prices have been going upwards to around $400 on eBay. 12-673 may be a bit more as it's older and and perhaps deemed to be more "collectible".

    hope this helps...

  3. xmetalmaniac

    xmetalmaniac Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Did you ever notice the newer Ducati Juliet pix in the O Review has red nosepads.... Yet I have not seen them in person or in another pix like on ebay... Have you??

  4. S-works


    yah... you're right... good eye!!

    like you... so far all the ducati juliets i've seen in stores have black nose pads...

    then again, it could just be the stock photo taken from Oakley website, sometimes there are variations... example, if u look at the Echelon Jawbones, the bolt and icon is black... but actual units are chromed. I saw the black icon / bolt picture first on Oakley website, but it was changed after awhile to the current one.

  5. bouncing_boy77


    thanks for the help! that clears it up for me, now finding one at a good price is gonna be the tricky part!

  6. S-works


    no worries... glad to help out. Good luck in your hunt!

    there's 2 on eBay now, one is the 1st gen X-metal frame with serial #, the other is a 12-673 going at a silly high price...

  7. xmetalmaniac

    xmetalmaniac Premium Member Lifetime Member

    You are correct. The only issue I have is I have NEVER been able to purchase original red nosepads from oakley, as far as I know they never made them. There are some cheap knockoff ones but the color is horrible, looks like it was ripped from a Walt Disney nightmare!!!

  8. bouncing_boy77


    saw those too... ouch... this might be my grail as far as oakleys go!

  9. NMOne


    It's sad that they go for so much because the Ducati Juliets are what got me interested in the line to begin with. I just can't bring myself to spend twice the cost or more of a standard frame and lens combo for them though.

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