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Ducati Juliets On Craigslist - Fake Check Please!


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Clarkston/Romeo MI
I'm new to X-Metals, but the price is low, which is drawing me in and I can resell them if they don't fit. But I'm not sure if I'm looking at a legit pair. The rivets on the nose bridge and the frame joint at the cheeks look off to me, and I have no idea what the paperwork/box should look like. The red hang tag on the microfiber bag looks too long as well. I think it's supposed to have the Ducati logo, not just the O.

There are also several iterations (generations?) of Ducati Juliets from what I gather, which vary in what pieces are red, lens etching, etc. This may also alter the micro bag, and other items. Obviously it will be much easier to tell in person if these are genuine.

Why do people on CL never post high-res photos?!

Thanks for any help.

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M Frame Lover
Clarkston/Romeo MI
Just trying to cover my bases. Got all hyped up on a great price for a set of Jawbones on CL that ended up being dollar store quality fakes that I should have caught before heading out the door.


they look legit. the red tag on the bag is O on one side, Ducati on the other.
from the box graphics and coin, it's a SKU 12-673. Means it should be a 2nd Gen Ducati Juliet

if u don't want it... i'll send u money to pick it up for me.. :tongue:


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As best as I can make from the pix, they have all the makes of real Ducati Juliet's. The tag on the bag is correct. The box is consistent with the label that it should have. As for the frames themselves its hard to tell from the pix, but they should resemble a carbon frame juliet with red earsocks and red temple shocks. The nosepads should be black as Oakley never made red nosepads for any Juliet.... I would say if the price is right buy them. If they don't fit, take some good pix and offer them up here. I would take them if the price is good. Also consider the condition of the frame and lenses before your purchase.

You may get an authentic pair of Oakley's but the condition of frame and lenses mabe the ultimate decision when negotiating the purchase price.