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Dumb Question About My Juliets

Nice pickup by the way. I have an X Metal frame in the mail that (hopefully) is tight enough to warrant keeping and put some Emerald lenses in. Its the only X Metal finish I've ever owned so looking forward to it as its a nice finish and a classic in the X Metal family
I should be arrested for robbery for what I got these for. I had the $99 jawbones from SGH up for sale or trade on Craigslist for either a Mars or a Juliet. A guy I've sold to before emailed me to tell me he had a unused pair of Oakley Mars Michael Jordan Edition-sitting unused in a drawer since 2008-he never wore them ever-they were too small for his head. And he had these Juliets-in at least 95% condition. Unfortunately I sold the Jawbones a couple days earlier, but I did tell him there was one SGH in the state who had 1 pair left. He thanked me and immediately got in his car to make the 100 mile round trip. I emailed him back to ask him how much he would sell the Mars and Juliet for. He said he would sell me BOTH for $160 TOTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Naturally I met up with him ASAP-best deal I ever had on shades ever.
My Juliets are Carbon. Love them, very aggressive look. I think next is the very classic X-Metal/Ruby combo, then some time after that I'm going to try XM/+Red.

Speaking of mine, I need to run a thread on the purchase experience, but I've got a roadtrip today. Maybe I'll get some on the highway pictures once the sun is up.
Mine has the Oakley ruby lenses-I'd like to get a deeper red in a ruby lenses-any suggestions on aftermarket ruby lenses