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  1. TheFrogLife

    TheFrogLife Oakley Enthusiast Premium Member

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    What other collectors own the Eastern Boarder 3D Frogskin edition 1 of 6?
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  2. SouLFuLFrog

    SouLFuLFrog Moderator Staff Member Premium Member

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    Easter Boarders 3D - 14687762351641078137281.jpg Easter Boarders 3D - 1468776291252-685993194.jpg Easter Boarders 3D - 1468776343978-925851221.jpg

    I do now. I've tried different lense combos that were different colors... all gave me wicked headaches. These I was sold as EB 1 3D.. I was concerned about authentication until I got them the tint is perfect.. 1 of 6 I'm glad I'm with ya. It's my favorite pair now bar none but will never get wear.