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eBay horror story


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Shocking mate, glad it worked out for you in the end but you may want to initiate a complaint with eBay about the rep you spoke to 😠 that's an absolutely shocking response
By the time the situation was over everyone in that office knew me on a first name basis haha! Persistence was required and not giving in. I think just my sheer determination to make sure this guy didn't get ANY money back was enough to show them I was being honest. My response to the guy when he called it good business was "I am a hobbiest, not a businessman." Finally they heard me! I am sure they reviewed my account as well and found I spent no less than a thousand a month on slow months and sold up to 3 thousand a month on some months at the time. They were not interested in losing all the fee's I was generating.


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Well done for being persistent bud, but when the chips are down you have to be 👍 it takes the fun out of it when you are worried that every time you ship something it's in the back of your mind that you may have to go through hell because of dishonest thieving ba$t@rds may try to pull your pants down... I'm made up this ba$t@rd didn't get away with it 😁

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