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EBay Stores


And then there was X...
Falls Church, VA
Just out of curiousity, where do all these eBay stores get their huge inventory of Oakleys from? Some are used but a lot of them are brand new just sans tags and boxes. Does Oakley not care about these avenues where their products can be bought at a discount?

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Yeah, I noticed that too lol. There's one guy named swininc that I buy a lot from, aka TinKan Enterprise. He has billions of Used or New Oakley's ready all the time. I've always wondered how he got them...

I once heard the large scale sellers are buying them in palats/lots, and are mostly unseen. If you see them sell frames without lenses its usually also they same thing. Also no boxes, etc.

Interesting question. Swininc is mentioned above and he always seems to have even vintage stuff in like totally new conditions without boxes and I wonder where the heck this stuff just comes from....I mean does Oakley just sell off pallets out of its warehouse including vintage stuff??? There is another store, successforsale and I'm really curious where that one gets their stuff because they seem to have an endless supply of items including either new or tightened X Metals. Seems like they are getting frame lots and lens lots and doing combos....but from where?

As for the others selling new product, those are just dealers I think selling a bit over cost. I had one admit to me a couple years back when he sold me a new Pit Boss that he sold it to me at 10% over cost...well he sold them to me for $400 so that means dealer cost on a $600 Pit Boss is $340 of 56% of retail which is in line with alot of new product selling for around 62-66% of retail...means the seller is selling at 10-15% over their cost.

One seller I have seen is eyeframesman. He sold hundreds possibly 1-2 thousand xmetal mars and mars craters. I watched him sell these for the longest time.

There are a handful of Ebay sellers that constantly have Oakley's for sale. There are also Ebay sellers that list 10 Oakley's for 3 day auctions then wait a few days and list 10 more. I monitor Ebay very very close... You never know what pops up. I also look at sellers history of sales with Oakley items. I also have found a few sellers who have large sales of Oakleys that have a few different accounts that sell the same stuff. There are several things I have found that are quite interesting.....