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Echelon Jawbone ruby lens color?

Hitech Vojtech

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Hi guys I guess I am going to win a prize for the most Fire looking Ruby lenses of all the echelons ever produced :-/ Is it normal,or am I just unlucky? :D
First I thought the owner swapped the lenses for fire,but they are real VR50 ruby trans. lenses,they got the solfx logo on lens and even ruby greenish tint looking through...anyway any infos are welcome...I will post pics when I get home after work thank you

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for sure I understand they darken,but the lens is more yellow than red...so instead of VR50 Ruby photochromic they appear to be VR50 Fire photochromic....
on all the pics on internet these lenes appear more deep red in them....nevermin,I guess my model just has different colour hue than others

Pics online don't always match up. Mine are lighter than a true Ruby also. I just compared. Here's what mine look like.


thank you for picture sir :),I will send you mine one when I get home,its true its not real dark ruby hue...but stillI got bit disappointed,on other hand its amazing performance lens, and I got them LNIB for 220 usd...so it was good deal even if they are not as ruby as I would wish :)

I think that over the years, ruby and fire iridium mixes got closer in colour in general.
Cross pollination?
I dunno, but that's where "fruby" comes from.
In any event, that Echelon is stunning, and you're very fortunate to have found one.