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I should Work at Oakley
Big ol Texas
It's been a crazy and emotional 24 hours. I never thought in my lifetime would my home town ever have a deadly massacre like this occur. Some of my family was in the area at the time and gave me insight on what was happening around. Thankfully they were in a safe area and came back safely to their homes.
I'm still waiting for the victims who unfortunately have lost their lives to this horrific event. 20 lives lost and 26 in hospitals.... my mind is overwhelmed with people texting me asking about close friends that haven't answered texts... waiting for that moment you realize how much worse it's going to get. Just know , I was out today and I saw my people smiling, wearing our local sports teams shirts, personalized shirts, pride in their city. All we can do is rise up and pray for a fast recovery. Because we are definitely #elpasostrong. I love my city
The Lefts strategic feminization of men and weakening of the males role in general in society, decimation of the family unit, and a total disregard for life has led to the extreme mental illness that we have seen in recent years