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Emerald Slate Vs Slate Vs Emerald ?? Huh?


I love working Dispatch
okay...I know Ichiro had a signature Juliet with emerald slate iridium lenses...my dumb question for the day is...What is the difference of emerald slate and emerald? I don't get why it's called emerald slate iridium...
They are called emerald slate because they used the slate as the base lens with the emerald iridium over the top which is a lighter base lens that the standard emerald iridium. Hope that helps you out, its a cool lens for sure!
it's also odd that i personally, never saw that particular lens used on any other frame. was it only for Ichirio's juliet?
Yep that is the only frame I have ever seen it on.... more than likely it was done for ichiro as all of his signature piece have all been equipped with slate iridium so he must dig that for his favorite lens.... the emerald coating just made the frame pop with the green trim

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