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Emerald Vs. Jade


And then there was X...
Falls Church, VA
I recently got a set of Jade Iridium for my Split Jacket and I do admit that I like them a lot.

However, I've been hearing that Oakley plans to phase out the Emerald Iridium in favor of the Jade Iridium. Is this true? If so, I'm rather bummed out about it as I believe the two are different enough to merit keeping both. I mean, if the Ruby, Fire, and different shades of +Red Iridium can coexist, why can't Emerald and Jade?

Ruby, fire and +red have different uses and different bases. Jade and emerald both have the same gray base and jade looks a lot better than emerald. Good riddance IMO
While Jade does look good, I'd have to disagree that it looks a lot better than the Emerald. The green on the Jade is so in-your-face and works well if you want to have a loud pair of lenses on. Plus the purple/blue/green reflective properties make it rather difficult to pair with a frame. The Emerald is much more subtle and good for more formal settings and easier to pair with a frame since the contrasts on the green/yellow/gold reflections blend together better than the purple/blue/green on the Jade.

I do agree that them sharing the same base may well be the main reason why the Emerald is being phased out but for looks, I'd say they're different enough to merit keeping both around.

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