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Discussion in 'Oakley Deals and Steals' started by ndaholic, 2/25/16.

  1. ndaholic


    Hey there fellow Oakley lovers. I have two questions:

    1. I am a former member of the military and I see I can get discounts on Oakleysi.com. Although I receive a discount, there is still an area for a promotion code. Would anyone happen to have a promo code for this site?

    2. On the military discount site they don't have any Conductors. I have been interested in these but can't find them in a store or a Sunglass Hut. I've always liked the Matte Black / Grey Polarized Tightrope in the past. Does anyone who has experience with the Conductor 6 and 8 think I may like the Conductors? If so, do you have a Promo Code for the Oakley site? I'm specifically looking at these two:

    Conductor 8™ Polarized
    Frame Fit: STANDARD

    Conductor 6™ Polarized
    Frame Fit: STANDARD

    Thank you very much for your help and advise!

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. pistolpetefan23

    pistolpetefan23 Premium Member

    Not saying they don't exist, but I've never seen or heard of a discount code on the SI site. Certainly nothing they've ever advertised or given out to a large group.

  3. ndaholic


    That totally makes sense because of the discounts we already receive, but since it had that option I was curious. Thanks for the help PistolP.

    Do you know of any Promo Codes for the Oakley site? I would like to try a pair of those Conductors. TIA

  4. Rustpot


    Promo codes are typically either well advertised, or they're given to specific people and are one-time-use codes.

    You may want to check the return policy. I believe they have a 90-day return policy and pay for shipping. It might behoove you to just pony up and return them if you don't like them.

    Keep in mind; the 6 vs 8 refer to the base curve of the lenses. 8 is more wrap/more curvature to the lens. 6 will be flatter. 8 (technically 8.75) is common for wrap and sports type glasses. Lifestyle pairs that are flatter across the front of the face are typically 6.

  5. SiRacer420

    SiRacer420 Premium Member Lifetime Member

  6. bean323


    Yeah I've ever seen a discount on the Si site sometimes a sale 50% off is better or close to that

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