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I should Work at Oakley
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What can you tell me about these replacement lens pieces? I have seen them on ebay for various xmetal glasses in colors never offered by Oakley. That and of course the dark ruby for the Juliet that is damn near impossible to find as Oakley original 1st generation.
even though they look nice and i do need lenses for my romeo 1's i wpuldnt waste my money on parts that arent oem
They look great looking at them, but you're not going to get the optical clarity that comes with Oakley's XYZ optics so that is the trade off. I would say if you are very very discerning about your VISION as it pertains to your sunglasses (like I am) don't use them. With that said, I have always asserted that if Exovista or the like is your only choice for a replacement lens (which is the case with the Romeo's, Penny's and likely XX very shortly) then by all means, but if you can get OEM, I would.
You absolutely know what you are going to get with Exovista. A cheap, descent looking lens but not nearly as good as Oakley. I have purchased many lenses from Exovista and I can tell you it was all a waste of money because I eventually found OEM lenses later on and got them. The quality of any aftermarket lens varies wildly. I got some with great fit and some that had light gaps. Some looked awesome and some that had visual imperfections on the lens coatings. The universal truth is the optics are pretty bad. If you are not too picky they may work for you. I found that they gave me a headache, because clarity was not great. I would say 7/10. I have purchased all sorts of lenses and some aftermarkets are complete junk, an Exovista seems a little better than the rest. The issue I had with the colored lenses is the glare in sunlight, which is blinding. In direct sun the glare makes them unusable. I actually contacted Exovista and they recommended a "neutral" color like grey if I was actually going to wear them. As I said, I eventually spent the money for OEM, I just had to be patient. I am pretty picky though. I have 4 pairs of various Exovista lenses for my Romeo 1's and Mars. Sorry to be long winded but I hope I save some of you guys money as all the experimenting with lenses cost me a few bucks. In conclusion for me: display-maybe, to wear-no way.
I have the ruby quartz lens in my Juliets.. As soon as i put them on i could tell a difference. Im not a fan. they look good in my display case but i dont wear them right now because of the way i see out of them..Something just isnt.....well....Oakley.

Also..they look alot more "ruby" on the ebay page...they have a yellow hue that comes thru at certain angles.

Keeping in mind that if you do custom cuts, you have to make sure you use a lens that carries the same base curve as the OEM lens for the model. If you don't, you will get distorted optics; generally speaking the smaller lenses (like Juliets) present less of an issue than larger ones.

I own a pair of generation 1 ruby. They are in my Initial run Juliet's X000235 and they very very rarely venture out of my display cabinet.
They are too precious to risk wearing frequently.
I have a pair of generation 2 X-Metal Juliet's with some hard to find ruby lenses that are newish but have purple hues and very red for a gen 2 lens. They do have some fire colour towards the very edges but they look great!
If you are gonna buy Exovista lenses i would only use them for show but, like some have said on here it is dammed hard to find a great pair of deep red ruby without giving up your day job.
Why would you put anything other than Oakley lenses into any pair, especially an X-Metal? If you want inferior optics and durability just for looks then go right ahead.