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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by Kaduku, 7/19/11.

  1. Kaduku


    Hi Guys,

    I was wondering if anyone could be kind enough to compare the Eyepatch 2 fit to the Gascan or Fuel Cell. I'm thinking of getting a pair online but none of the local stores have them in stock for me to try on.

    Pics would be appreciated too.

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. SpliceD


    I haven't tried on the Eyepatch 2 yet, but from what i hear they're bigger than the original Eyepatch. The Eyepatch was a bit large for my face vs the Gascan being just a tad small. The Fuel Cell fit my face a bit better than the Gascan.

    Honestly though, your best bet is to find a store with them in stock and try them on. Everyone's face is different and it's really hard to get a good idea of how they'll look on you just by comparing to another style.

    Another option is to just buy them and if you don't like them, return/exchange them.

  3. yoshi1984


    I can't believe the eypatch 2 is bigger than the original model... are people's heads all of a sudden getting bigger ?
    are they similar in size to the dispatch?

  4. the piper

    the piper

    They are HUGE! Yes ..except for me apparently everyone's head got bigger...pretty soon they will be making frames for those huge alien heads...! EP 1 fit me EP 2-not even close..I am not knocking the glasses or people that can wear them just warning other shrunken heads like myself..maybe thats it ..some of our heads are shrinking...:)

  5. BAPD77

    BAPD77 Premium Member

    The ep2 is not even comparable to gascan or fuel cell. I have all 3 and ep2 is much bigger. If ur looking for something similar to gascan or fuel cell, steer clear of ep2. Ep2 is even bigger than original ep.

  6. Kaduku


    Thanks for the feedback, it sounds like the Eyepatch 2 is even bigger than the Oil Rig. There aren't any stores where I'm at that have them in stock, maybe when I get back stateside I can see how it is.

  7. yoshi1984


    im surprised, you can wear the EP1? but that the fuel cell is to big, thats interesting. i thought the ep 1 and 2 would have been to big then.
    EP 1 i could wear but they didnt look good on me, and my nose wasnt quite big enough to fill up all that space in the bridge.

  8. yoshi1984


    @BAPD77, i saw your YOUTUBE vid, and you mentioned you couldnt wear the dispatch but do you wear your EP2? it seems the EP2 and dispatch are the same size.

  9. the piper

    the piper

    EP 1 I dont wear it It is huge looking but when I tried them on the fit was snugger and not loose but I dont wear them I preferred the Twitch at the time...Fuel Cell is close to a fit but I just dont like the look of the lenses on me...I prefer the jacket style wrap of Sj 2 and Minute 2 as well as Monster Dog which was large in someways but hugs my face well The Pit Bull is way too big for me...I do like the 3 Half jackets XLJ I picked uplast month a lot also

  10. yoshi1984


    twitch was cool but i don't like those real flat squared off frames that don't have much wrap. it made the gascan look curved! twitch just gave me to big of a gap on the sides.
    I want to try on a pit bull out of curiosity. Ill dread the walk to sunglass hut for that. it
    but im with you my head isn't exactly huge.

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