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Eyewear Unit Displays


Friend of the Frog
London, UK
Seems most people are now opting for the newer cheaper display stands. They look abit too rayban for me, but I guess they come in triples.

I like the new ones much more than the old ones. I like that they display the ear stems, their color and their styling. Sure the old ones are made of aluminum vs the plastic of the new ones but it does not matter once they are in the case. The problems I have with the new ones is they take alot of space in the cabinets and the sunglasses are easily knocked off their perch.
the 2.0 plastic stands are pretty pricey for what they are, but i agree that they do display the sunglasses better. I use the metal stands for my X Metals.
Which one frog? The 2.0 plastic Oakley ones?