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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by snumfalzumpa, 9/19/11.

  1. snumfalzumpa


    So I head out to a sunglass hut near me for a pair of the Shaun White signature edition Holbrooks w/ the white frames/24k iridium lenses (about 40min. round trip, only store near me with those glasses) pretty much just walk in and tell the lady working there what i want, first thing she does it pull 'em out, gives them a little cleaning, puts them in the bag - into the box they go and i'm on my way...

    well i get home and i noticed the lenses are scratched to ****! dinged up everywhere, it was really hard to see with their indoor lighting so i had no idea when i bought them.... there are probably five light scratches on the left lens with one really deep scratch, and the right lens has quite a few scratches on 'em too... and also the frames are slightly scratched up! what a joke. these are supposed to be brand new! so anyways i'm going to go back and returning them today, same day i bought them.....

    anyways, be careful shopping at sunglass hut, inspect your glasses carefully so you don't end up in the same situation as me.... it's pretty obvious these sunglasses were not only worn for quite awhile, but someone abused these glasses and they went right back up into the display to be sold.... unbelievable.

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  2. thatoakleyguy


    Used to work at a hut. The glasses get taken on and off about a hundred times before they're sold. I know this wasn't possible in your case, but always ask for a pair that isn't on display. They've generally only been taken out to have a sticker put on and then put back in the box. Sounds like you got a pair that was bought, then returned then put back for sale.

    Ask the associate if they're getting a new pair in and just hold on to your pair and switch them out when they come in, or try a s/o at another location.

  3. xmetalmaniac

    xmetalmaniac Premium Member Lifetime Member

    I have been to a few Sunglass hut's and I never buy the display model. I have noticed that their display units are in crappy shape. I also notice they ALWAYS try to clean my glases I am wearing. They say "let me clean your glasses while you look around" I kindly tell them no thanks. They use the same cloth on EVERYONES nasty glasses.....

  4. NMOne


    I went to a SGH in Norfolk, VA and got my Whiskers cleaned by a guy who Knew. His. S#$t. Took immaculate care of them. By contrast, the SGH that I drop by in SLC is staffed by generally clueless girls who mainly wait at the register for you to bring them something. I actually get better treatment at Lenscrafters.

  5. Razerwire


    I tend to avoid display frames regardless of the store. When I was looking for a pair of New C-Wires there was one floor model left at the O Store which I still passed on.

  6. snumfalzumpa


    yeah this was the only pair at that store and it's the only store within ~ 70 miles of me that had that pair.... the girl working there said they only get like one of two or those frames in at a time so i just took 'em.... and i was worried about taking the display model at the time, should've inspected them closer i was just naive in thinking they wouldn't sell me some scratched up glasses.... i bet you 90% of time people wouldn't have taken these back that's why they can get away with it... with the displays getting so messed up at the store they really shouldn't sell them at all, or at least they should warn you and give you a discount on them......

    anyways i ended up taking them back to the same store and i ended up just ordering the pair online, now i'll just pray they're not on back order.... so i guess that's a plus for SGH, they do have good customer service. you're allowed to return them within 90 days of purchase... the worst part about this whole thing is i'm 99% sure that those glasses went right back up on the shelf after i left.... lmao.

  7. Excuse my french...but **** SGH. I would never shop at sunglass hut. I have always chosen to drive the extra hour to my nearest vault whenever i need to pick ANYTHING up. They sell over...what? 20-40 different models? From everything i've seen its a whole bunch of 17 yo. kids trying that suggest you go for the prada shades because they're $500, and "thats badass". I have not met one employee that has any clue what im talking about when i walk in and ask if they have any FMJ Shaun White Holbrooks or anything else of the matter. I don't think they take any care while they're displaying,or moving around the sunnies either.Sorry that happened man, upsetting.

  8. NMOne


    Only thing at mine is Flaks and Half Jackets

  9. MrSneis


    Yep. I really wanted matte clear ruby Holbrooks but the two sgh stores that had them in my area had three pairs all scratchy. I don't know what these people are thinking but it definitely sucks. If you try to return them they will likely give you a hard time too!

  10. Razerwire


    I guess this is why every time I go to the mall I barely see anyone in a SGH. LOL

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