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Fading Oakley Earstem Logo, Any Suggestions?


Oakley Beginner
I have a clear/violet iridium pair of frogs (03-115) and the OAKLEY logo on the left earstem has started to chip away (when I am not wearing them I often hang them off my shirt, which would explain why they are only fading/chipping on one side only) any suggestions as to how to return these puppies to their former glory? The sentimental value of these puppies is quite high for me. Back in 4th grade I saved up for months to buy the original clear/purple frogs, and I ran out to the store as soon as I heard that these got re-released and bought them, been wearing them regularly ever since.
sounds like it´s time for a new pair.....
and next time don´t hang them off your shirt.
you could try to get a pair stems from a broken model?!
Agreed on the new pair, unfortunately the clear/violets seem to run 200+ on ebay these days and I just can't stomach that type of $ if all that is wrong is the label. Was thinking more along the lines of repainting possibly, maybe a custom job with purple paint, anybody tried anything like that?

Also I should mention they are the white OAKLEY on the side so the marker is probably a no go.

Anyway thanks for the suggestions.
the cheapest way would be an edding marker....

what do you think about a airbrush-work?
Well I soaked them in salt water and got the rest of the white paint to come off quite easily on the one earstem so now the logo is just the clear plastic, not a bad look actually. I think I am gonna try to go for a custom paint job using blue and purple to match the lenses, if it turns out good I will get some pics of them up. If they don turn out well.... well I'll cross that bridge when I get there.
i think he already looked for a new pair. . .
200+ on ebay
maybe it's some sentimental issue
The sentimental value is the motivation here, plus what else am I gonna do with them. The cash (though pricey) isn't really a gating factor.

Anyway as an update the purple paint didn't go as well as planned, it started off looking freakin sweet but ended up that it ran down the raised lettering. I used one of those paint pens, so I might try again with a model brush, my other thought was to do some sort of negative space paint job, in which case I could tape off the OAKLEY logo with tape and an exacto knife. Someobdy on the forum here used plasti-dip for a splatter paint job, might try that one next. probably easier to clean off at the end of the day if it goes south again.