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  1. Rezechs

    Rezechs Oakley Enthusiast

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    What would you say is a decent price to pay for a pair of flying tiger gascans? blk/yellow, im looking at ebay buy i dont think they go for 300 like people post them for.
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  2. qtrain23

    qtrain23 3D Printing Protege

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    probably like 165-180?
  3. xmetalmaniac

    xmetalmaniac Made of Metal Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    Just my .02........ Don't be fooled by eBay sellers that set prices on items. All to often people see something sold on eBAy and believe, and I mean strongly believe that because it sold on ebay at that price, that is the going rate. Now one must first see was it a buy it now, or was there bids. What was the conditon of the item, how rare is it, and on that day, and time, who had the funds to make the purchase. One must also take into consideration did the seller do research on the item before they listed it? I have picked up some incredible deals on buy it nows, because the seller didn't have a clue, probably didn't care, or whatever the case sold it.

    You also have to look a one persons point of view on the conditon of the item versus another persons point of view. When you say how much would a "decent pair" go for. To me decent automatically says scratches on lenses and frame. You have to ask yourself this question, do I want a pair to wear or display. Then you breakdown the I will wear them catagory and display them catagory. Consider a mint 10/10 frame with scratched lenses, figure in replacement lens cost, and whether you want OEM lenses or aftermarket. Then add it all up.....

    If I am looking for a display pair, I have to sit down and do my research first, then decide how I want to go about tackling this. I know this seems possibely strange, but it works for me and I have been able to build out my own pairs by getting what I need.....