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  1. Adam George Jones

    Adam George Jones Oakley Beginner

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    Hey guys ive recently purchased a pair of these as i managed to wreck one of my others of the same type however i recived them today and ive examined them everything appears to be the same as my first pair which is genuine theres no diffrence in any of the material whatsoever except the knuckles appear to be very light reflective whether thats because they are brand new i dont know but when i run my fingers over my old ones i can feel the square bumps but when i run my fingers over my new pair they are very smooth also the serial number on both gloves are the same as to my old ones which were diffrent also is there any other way of finding out if they are fake
    thanks adam
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  2. yteka99

    yteka99 Oakley Beginner

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  3. Exr29070

    Exr29070 Oakley Beginner

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    lol Man borrow some of the periods from your user name!