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Has anyone run across fake Dog Tags(the larger Disruptive by Design ones) or the 2014/2015 Bottle Openers?

The reason I am asking is because I have several Bottle Opener Tags that I got from Oakley directly via purchases during the promotional period. All of these have a large rope chain that are dull and have a ruff texture to them. However, just recently I made a purchase on e-Bay and as part of the purchase it came with a "2014 Oakley bottle opener". This bottle opener had a much thinner rope chain, shiny, and had no texture to it. I thought well maybe they just lost/broke original chain so they supplied a new one. Problem is if I try and use one of my known Oakley original rope chains it doesn't fit into the hole in the top of the bottle opener from e-Bay, the hole is to small.

Could it be just different production runs or different suppliers?

Example of thin chain w/ no apparent texture
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I haven't looked, but could it be that one is from 2014 and one is the newer one from 2015? I know there was a slightly different finish on the two, so maybe this is another difference.


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Interesting! Also, as an FYI, don't try to use these to open a beer, the metal was gouged up pretty easily by a simple bottle cap. Nice display piece though....

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