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Fake Revert 95's on the Bay?


Oakley Enthusiast
Rochester, NY
Wasn't looking for a pair of Revert 95's, but I saw this pair on eBay. Price aside, the Revert logo just doesn't look right (too much space between Revert and 95), box doesn't appear to have the correct model/sku information, and it only comes with a std bag? Oh, and the lenses are polarized and the seller is claiming they are MPH's.

What do you guys think? I almost jumped on them thinking the seller didn't know what he had, but adding everything up they just scream fake to me?

New Oakley Frogskin MPH Matte Black w Blue Polarized Lens | eBay

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Oakley Enthusiast
Yeah I agree, the Revert logo looks off. I almost just bought them too, just in case they were real and then if they were not, I could return. They don't even look like very good fakes compared to some others I have seen online.


Oakley Enthusiast
Fake on so many levels it's not even worth going into the finer details.

I posted a while back about Grenade Frogskin fakes hitting the market, a lot of the special models are out there at the moment in Frogs being faked, I've seen another pair of these Reverts along with Shaun White and the VR46 frogs.

Ben G

Oakley Enthusiast
Essex, UK
So what are some of the tell-tale signs in those photos that they are fake? Maybe it's because I'm half asleep/ slightly hung over, but the frames don't look bad to me? Or is it the printed logo (I'm not familiar with these LE's).

I worry about some of mine being hooky as I'm still green to the Frog scene!