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Discussion in 'Oakley Frogskins Discussion' started by jiveSEVEN, 8/9/11.

  1. jiveSEVEN


    Found a few pics of hip hop artist B.O.B. in some white frogs!

    Famous People In Frogskins - B.O.B.photo-credit-chris-phelps1.JPG

    Famous People In Frogskins - 4133352375_48509c81c8_o.jpg

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  2. jiveSEVEN


    Mike Posner's 3D frogskins

    Famous People In Frogskins - 3DFrogskin.jpg

    He also wears blades, eyeshades, holbrooks, and some tortoise/clear frogs in this video..


  3. jiveSEVEN


    John Mayer rockin Supremes...

    Famous People In Frogskins - john-mayer.png

    Famous People In Frogskins - john-mayer-and-oakley-frogskin-sunglasses-gallery.gif

  4. tmsnewberry


    Just a question at what point in that video does he where the frogs you pictured? I saw the white with 3d lenses which would be the Eastern Boarder 3D Frogskins, never saw black with 3d lenses. just a question

  5. jiveSEVEN


    At the very end, I think when he takes them off a guy's face and starts seeing girls in 3D...he also gets the tortoise frogskins smacked off his face.

  6. tmsnewberry


    I mean I watched it all the way through and he never puts on black 3d only white 3d frogs

  7. The Game

    The Game

    i dont know who the first two people are



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  9. SpliceD


    Oh great... now this douche bag is wearing them.



    The picture is from years ago. He was one of the first celebrities years ago to wear the collector Frogskins. He has since stopped wearing them. In fact Kanye wearing the rootbeer Frogskins on SNL was one of the major catalysts that jumpstarted the Frogskins current popularity.

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