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FAQ: Why Can't I Access Exchange Areas/Private Messages etc.? [Consolidated]


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Central PA
Once you have been a member for 2 weeks (which you are) and have 15 posts (So, post a few more times), you will gain access to the exchange area. You can also pay for premium membership which gives access right away.

Lopaka KaMars

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East Side Oahu
How do you buy and sell?
You do that in the Exchange threads. There are minimum requirements that you still need to meet.
Do you need a certain amount of post on here to send someone a pm?
For PM's I believe it is the same minimum requirements to buy and sell. Have to be a member longer than two weeks. Which both of you are. And have a minimum 15 posts. Which you both are short of. Just look around and comment "Hey, Awesome glasses." Or " Right on." And you'll meet the post count in no time. Aloha.

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