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  1. mercbezerk

    mercbezerk Unicorn Chaser Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    I had a couple of minutes to kill and remember seeing someone suggest a FAQ page of commonly asked questions, so I pooled together a couple that I know regularly get asked, but this by no means a finite list. Feel free to add or counter my responses with more appropriate ones and hopefully this will become a sticky for others to reference in the future and save having to repeat a response or looking for links to older threads.

    Why can’t I access the exchange section?
    Chances are you’ve just joined the forum and haven’t taken the time to read the rules yet. Click on the link below.

    How do I leave feedback?
    Click on the forum member’s avatar / name and wait for a pop up window to display. Click on “view trading profile” and in the upper right hand corner of the next window there should be a tab to “leave feedback”.

    Why is there no more “Made in USA” on my sunglass frames?
    The production of the frames have been outsourced to manufacturers in both China & Italy. The sunglasses are still assembled in the US.

    Are Oakley’s now made in China?
    The majority are, but the assembly of the frames still happens on US soil.

    Did I just buy a fake?
    You can wait for someone on the forum to answer or you can refer to the extensive database created by Dann Thombs at: www.o-review.com

    Are aftermarket lenses okay to use?
    Oakley prides itself on its lenses being of the highest quality and exceeds the ANSI Z87.1 safety requirements. The frames are the outer packaging on the product the company built itself off of. Choosing an non-OEM lens is a personal choice you make, but not one the majority of members will agree with.

    What would the best lens tint be for a certain application?
    It all comes down to personal preference, but Oakley have created a guide to help people decide on the best lens for the application it being required for:

    What is the difference between Polarized & Non-Polarized lenses?
    sunglasses are a uniform shade of a dark color, which darken all light passing through them, regardless of the direction (polarization) of the light.
    Polarized sunglasses have a pattern, which darkens more of one direction of the light than the other. Polarized sunglass lenses are designed to minimize glare from objects which are horizontal such as the ocean or snow.

    What’s the difference between European Fit and Asian Fit?
    Not everyone’s facial features are the same, so Oakley have brought out a range of Asian Fit sunglasses in several of the popular modules so that everyone has a fair chance of owning a pair that sit comfortably.

    How do I remove and replace the lenses on my frames?
    The best place to find information on this is to search YouTube. There are numerous product reviews and demonstrations online that would prove useful.

    What frame / sunglasses should I purchase next?
    It should be your decision and not that of someone else to tell you how to spend your money. If you’re not asking from an investment point of view or looking for the “what’s hot” in the market place right now, chances are you’re going to get someone else’s favorite as a response.

    What’s the best way to clean ones sunglasses?
    Click on the thread link below for the best answers:

    Does Shade Station (UK based sunglass store & Forum sponsor) ship Oakley’s abroad?
    Unfortunately Shade Station have entered into a contract with Oakley whereby they are not permitted to ship Oakley products outside of the European Union. All other brands are not a problem, just not Oakley branded items.

    Does anyone ship to Brazil?
    Due to the high rate at which packages go missing through the Brazilian customs & postal services, members are reluctant to trade or sell to anyone living in Brazil for fear of the items not turning up at their destination and having to battle with the buyer and postal insurance departments.

    Will Oakley / Luxottica relaunch the X-Metal range?
    Oakley shut down the X-Metal factory due to the high costs involved with producing the range. The likelihood of them relaunching any of the X-metal range are slim to none.

    How do I determine what generation my X-metal frame is?
    Take a look at the list compiled on O-Review

    How do I attach a photo to my thread?
    Simply click the upload file button located at the bottom of the reply box, and upload the desired photos. Non-Premium members are limited to approximately 500 uploads, where as Premium Members have unlimited.

    I’m unable to edit an older thread?
    Non-premium members have a limited window in which to amend any earlier posts whereas premium member have no editing limits.

    Why is my inbox full?
    Non-premium members can store a limited number of messages in their inbox. Failing to delete your inbox of unnecessary messages will prevent other forum members from communicating with you outside of the public threads.
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  2. washi me sensie

    washi me sensie The Oakley Rōnin

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    Sticky sticky for the new homies!!
  3. David F

    David F Oakley Enthusiast Premium Member

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    Hate that I can't like this more than once! Laughed hard at this :blush:

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