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Fast Jackets Discontinued?


Oakley Expert
Are Fast Jackets being discontinued or phased out by Oakley? I can only see fog grey being available on oakley.com.
Well last night on OakleyVault.com, they had two Fast Jackets for under $100, so if they are this would be a great way to snag quite a few and then send them out and have them customized.
(Personally I think they are phased out because I stopped getting them in my store last year)

There's the infrared ang grey pair on vault site for 66 usd! I am wondering if they're going to replace them with a new Fast Jackets or the new Flaks 2.0 will be a replacement for them? Personally I have rated Fast Jackets very high as a sports pair.
They're discontinued or being disco'd. It's a shame as they the best example of switchlock.
I am wondering if they're going to replace them with a new Fast Jackets or the new Flaks 2.0 will be a replacement for them? .

Not necessarily. Remember how the Split hasn't been replaced yet? Would be cool if someone chimed in about their sales, which would be my leading assumption to why they might go.

The Fast Jackets were really serving the purpose to fill a size category (iirc bigger than the HJ and FJ) and follow through the Switchlock hype. I personally thought it had one of the cooler stem designs as of late, but I've heard it generally runs heavier. I can't see why someone with a bigger head would take it (or the XLJ) over an M, Jawbone, or Radar. The Switchlock is cool but seemingly nulls the point of saving weight and volume over a full-framed Jawbone. At least with the Radarlock it's integrated into the frame's cues. Same goes with the Jawbreaker and Style Switch.

I guess then it can be argued that the Jawbone is a crude one, especially since people complain about its peripheral shortcomings, but that was supposed to be the debut example of the technology so it had to standout. That and sales are probably too strong to drop it.
To me, in all of the big box, SGH, etc you have a flak and a fast. Fast is $65 more and 1/2 the time the salesperson doesn't say that it comes with a $65 set of lenses. Every one of those people will buy flaks.

When they know that they're basically the same price, then then have to want that particular lens. The average joe that buys them probably won't find much value in a persimmon lens at the time of purchase.
@Ventruck they did serve the purpose of fitting larger than the HJ & FJ but also the purpose of not leaving people needing larger frames with the only having the option of single lens designed frames (i.e. M, Radar, etc). I agree with @Oakster that they were by far the best example of what Switchlock tech could do. I was so ready for them to launch when I first heard about them (love the Flak and a faster lens change was great) but when they finally dropped I found out they were too large for me so I had to stick with my tried and trues.
i was hoping they would make a prism daily polar lens for these for when i get mine back from being done in carbon fiber hydro graphics in the colorado customs hydro graphics group buy. oh well. i will have to snag a pair of the deep blue polar lenses instead.