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Fast Jackets On Sale!


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Chicago, IL
Well the fast jackets are one sale so go get them boys! we got a shipment of them in yesterday and then some more in the morning. i have to say i wasnt feeling them at first, but once you see them in person and actually try them on well u just fall in love. sadly we didnt get any of the really cool color ways but we did get the polished white/OO Red which is solid. they fit bigger then the flaks which is kinda nice.
so guys, who has them whos getting them and what do u guys think (who have actually seen them)
I think everything is fitting bigger these days good for some bad for others...getting all the older better fitting styles while I still can...
same here, i want that combo so bad, i just need to wait to see them in person. i have to say i was more impressed with the whole overall look and feel of them too.
Saw them today at the Oakley store. I'll seriously consider them if I they are available in prescription. I like being able to change lenses easily.
I, too, want the fmj chrome with jade and blue iridium.
They are definately high on my list for the next pair of Oakleys I want, I can't decide whether I want the FMJ Chrome with Jade and Blue Iridium, or the Polished White/OO Red Polarized, G40...
Does anyone have news on when the Chrome Blue/Jade Iridium Fast Jackets will be released by Oakley?? I pre-ordered them with overnight shipping a couple of weeks ago and still have not gotten them! Per Oakley Customer Support that color combination has not been shipped to anyone yet... It's driving me crazy!!! Any info would be appreciated... Thanks in advance.
SpliceD said:
BAPD77 said:
I, too, want the fmj chrome with jade and blue iridium.

I'm REALLY hoping my wife will get them for my birthday next month :)

We think alike, my birthday is June 3 and that's what I'm hoping for....