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Favorite Pair In Your Collection?


Oakley Expert
Hey guys, just curious to see some of your favorite pairs in your collection. I know for some of you guys its going to be hard to just single out one pair but, post a picture of your favorite pair of Oakley's in your collection.
It's one of my first pairs..
Won a couple of races with them. That's why they are my favorites.
Oakley radar pink/ fire iridium path lens (custom with yellow earsocks and icons)
i can't say which pair not even which model . . .
there are so many which i love!!
sometimes it depends on my daily mood - hmmm
@Oakley_sight and Oakley4life: Hehe, i was looking for something strange when i decided to pick this colorways!
Even when i'm not in front of the race, i'm sure they will recognize me either way! ;)