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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by Jacob L, 3/14/16.

  1. Jacob L

    Jacob L

    Just wanted to see peoples opinions on what your favorite pair of holbrooks are? I would love to see pictures! My favorite is a mix between the custom pair I got with blue rivets and icons with Sapphire iridium polarized lenses. I would say the Goldbrook but that would be kinda obvious haha.
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  2. ajkenn8545


    All of the custom ones I've seen, i've liked. Any combination of white/gold, white/blue, or the translucent frames with polarized lenses.
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  3. Beentrxll


    One of my favorites is the polished clear with 24k.

    Favorite pair of Holbrooks? - image.png
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  4. Oakleynerd

    Oakleynerd Staff Member Premium Member

    i love the Goldbrooks!!!

    @Beentrxll - what a bad picture ;)
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  5. OakleyFrankFMJ

    OakleyFrankFMJ Premium Member Lifetime Member

    The holiday pairs looked pretty unique.....wait.....they were..... ;)

    Depends on what people like though :)
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  6. Herbsley


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  7. Jacob L

    Jacob L

    Still hunting for the STPL and Murasaki haha they are amazing pairs!

  8. SoulFulFrog

    SoulFulFrog Staff Member Premium Member

    Mur or fallout black decay

    The goldbrook as well but I really try not to wear them.

    I also love distressed work.. Favorite pair of Holbrooks? - IMG_20160813_210315.jpg Favorite pair of Holbrooks? - IMG_20160801_001239.jpg
    I'm actually starting to shift my interest towards brooks.. I've always had a ton of brooks but frogs have been my true love. Lately I've only been wearing Holbrooks... I guess tastes change. It's my second favorite frame but it's definitely a close second. I could see myself in the near future looking to expand past the 40 odd pairs I have.

    Nice thread idea @Jacob L

  9. Beentrxll


    I've been slowly transferring to brooks as well. It's like a premium version of a frog. I just wished that they had cooler versions like the millions there are of frog skins. Also appear to fit my noggin a little bit better.
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  10. djhyper66


    Custom holbrooks are alway the best , my favorite chrome pairs ...some old pictures I have ...3 Favorite pair of Holbrooks? - 20151105_192404_zpsonzhpwxq.jpg Favorite pair of Holbrooks? - 20151105_192352_zpslfg1cl9x.jpg

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