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Final Decision: Batwolf Or Global Fuel Cell


Oakley Beginner
My main concern is the batwolf may be too tight on my upper cheekbone with the lower front part of the arm.

Polarization doesn't really matter to me.
With ur face shape, id say definitely batwolf, but u might consider oil rigs...
I'd go with the global fuel cell, those were a really nice limited edition frame. I prefer the special frames over a stock frame.
i would say an Fuel Cell Global edition from Sunglass Hut with Ice Iridium lenses!!
Don't get a shield lens frame you will be sorry. Those frames with shield lenses are narrower than a frame with seperate lenses. Yeah I see you said you had the oil rig you know what I'm talking then. The bat wolf is similar in fit just a tiny bit wider but those shield lens frames don't work very well.