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FINALLY...Completed Both Sets Of Holiday Sunglasses

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Deleted member 24

Well, it took me longer to acquire my matte clear with black text Oil Rigs than any pair I have ever tried to get including both Flores and the Who is this Kid? Hijinx....but I finally got it and have completed both sets. I have all three (actually 4) of the Exclusive Science Fuel Cells. I have doubles of the black/violet. I also have now completed the Ice Cold Holiday Oil Rigs from 2009:

congrats my man! thats an awesome collection. i love the blue frost test oil rigs. love to see some pics of those clear frost text ones all alone
Ya im not big on the oil rig I...like the castle icon better.

Hjames, check ny updated pics in the review/collectors corner section, i have pics of most of my displayable sunglasses.
Hey, just had to put the tags around the direct link to imbed it, now it works fine. And congrats on finishing the set, it is awesome, especially the Oil RIgs!
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Hey Feargear, i just had one pop up, that one was by far the most difficult of any pair of Oakleys I have tracked down. I found mine on ebay.

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