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I should Work at Oakley
Oceanside, Oregon
A mint (even the foam) condition unit popped up on ebay...it had only been up for 10 minutes. $80 shipped. I snatched it without a second thought. Heck...retail was $45 on those...even IF I had a friend here find one its probably $55-$60 shipped. Worth the premium to get what I think is one of the most simple but utterly coolest products Oakley has ever made and add it to the collection.
Cool pick up.... I once bought a pair of X Metal Juliets for $150.00 shipped BNIB.. The guy posted the auction, and I bought within minutes.... I also listed an item once and it sold in 7 minutes.....Soemtimes if you wait and sit on something too long it will get snatched out from underneath you...
Yeah I'm wondering how long I should wait before checking up on the O Store to see if the transfer has gone through.

If only they would sell the one they had on display. :(
I dont see why they won't?? Did you talk to a Mgr? Is not a display item, it has a sku# and a price...
I dont see why they won't?? Did you talk to a Mgr? Is not a display item, it has a sku# and a price...
Not sure if the guy was a manager or not. Seemed like he was in in charge of the store the night I went in so I took his word for it.

I may go there again sometime to see if there's someone else I can speak with.
I would.....I always ask if they have them. Sometimes they ull stuff out they didn't know they had or what it is...LOL...... go figure..
Yeah I'm going to try calling them tomorrow and see if I can get a manager to sell them.

I would go in wearing my juliets and talk with them. When I go on my vault road trips I usually take a few rare pairs with me. Gets them talking, and when they see you know your stuff, you might get lucky. What can ya lose???