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Finally Got Around To Taking Pictures....

  • Thread starter tmsnewberry
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So I finally decided to take some pictures of my collection and upload them... so here you go, hope you enjoy.

My Eastern Boarders

Andrew Petterson #43

More Frogskins



David Flores

Display Case picture from a few months ago...Kind of empty compared to now

I apologize if some of the pictures arnt all that great, my camera isnt the best, spent to much only the glasses to afford a good camera. lol. Ill get around sometime in the next few days to update some more... I have all of the Artist series except David Flores Brown as well as most of the military inspired ones and a bunch of signature series hanging on my wall. Ill get to those soon.
Thanks for looking.
Thats a very nice collection! I completed the artist series a few months back. I dont see the whoisthiskid? hijinx in there...u got it?
I do, that picture was just taken before I had gotten those and the caia koopman. I have some more pictures to add. Im working on borrowing a camera from a friend to do the rest of them.
those are some awesome frogskins man. i cant wait to get on that level and have some super rare ones. keep up the good work!
Lol these won't be going anywhere. They will In my collection for along time to come