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I've been pretty busy lately, so haven't had any time to post any pics of my latest grabs. Finally got a moment to post. This is my first pair of R2's and the last X-Metal needed to have at least one of each. When I first joined I only had a pair of XS and 3 pair of Juliets. Now I'm at 17 with one more on the way and no plans of stopping. It's a meager collection compared to some, but I haven't even been here a full year yet. Anyway, here it is. Thanks @Campagnolokid for the trade. Traded an XMXX for this mint pair. No box or coin, but I really like that they are XM BIP.


Also gotta give props to @Bronzefunk Picked up a polished/fire Juliet for a good deal. I need to send these and a pair of Ti/fire Pennys to The X Man for a tune up though. Working a trade with @dingo ate my baby on the Pennys when they come back (I think). Not sure if I'll trade the Juliet or keep as a daily wear pair yet. Let's see what happens.


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