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Finished My Christmas Shopping Early :P


Oakley Beginner
Well my girlfriend never really got into Oakleys until she saw Frogskins and when I went to the store today I was surprised to find two of these (I'm in Guam for summer rofl).

i got the stuff for my girl last week :eek:))
done and done.....
now i´m looking for some sweet stuff for my. . .
that will getting hard/expensive :eek:)
LOL...that would be crazy. I am taking my girl to look for a ring when I get back, that's why I have to lay low on this oakley addiction.
I'm free now, things weren't goin too good with me and mine. I think the decider was when I told her I would give her my time, respect and trust. She replied "i wanna be treated like a princess".... I nearly coughed a chunk of lung up! So i get to spend a bit more cash on frogs now! LOL

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