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Fire Iridium Polarized lenses for Juliet? SKU???


Oakley Collector
Hi fellas,

I noticed on eBay that some sellers are selling Fire Iridium Polarized lenses for Juliet. One seller is using the SKU: 13-477 while another seller is using the SKU: 16-825.

On O-Review, 13-477 does indeed show up as Fire Iridium Polarized. 16-825 does NOT show up. However, when running a search, I came up with this....


And it says that SKU: 16-825 is in fact for Juliet Replacement Lenses that are Fire Iridium Polarized. Are these the same lenses just with different SKU numbers? Is one more sought after than the other? Any differences? Thanks in advance all you "O" pros!!


PS This one seller on eBay claims to have several 13-477 lenses that were pulled from Juliet frames. He says they are all mint but some may have some tiny marks on the rim from when they were mounted. Something doesn't smell right. Is it just me? In any case, is there a difference between the two???

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Oakley Collector
So they are in fact the same lenses? Saul....would you think it's a good idea to get the ones that are about $60 that have been pulled from a Juliet frame and say they MIGHT have a mark on the rim but would not be seen once mounted....or go with ones that simply have no box for another 20-30 more?? You know your lenses buddy.


Oakley Collector
He said they all look the same and nothing can be picked up on the camera. Past feedback is good. But there is another seller offering me 4 sets for $200....no box and never mounted. Doesn't know the SKU though...

Chris A Hardaway

The Man Loves to Chop 'Em.
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San Luis Obispo, CA
Hmmm... I think it just matters how many sets you need. You can always take pictures after the purchase. If they are fake I'll be able to tell. Saul too. Then you can return. But that guy is selling a bunch of other Oakley stuff.. He may be aa (past or present) sales rep with those prices. I'd trust him over 4 for $200 guy.

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