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First Frogskins In A Long Time...


Oakley Beginner
UPS just arrived with a pair of Oakley Frogskins for me. It seems I am going a bit retro in my clothing style :eek:).

I am not a Frogskins collector so I just ordered the Frogs to have something to wear during the summer (oh yes....wear them.....not just pile them up in the cabinet :redface: ). It is my second pair of Frogs....ever. I sold the first par - a pair of Greg Lutzkas - a few years back (sold them cheap...did not know they were limited). So at the moment they are my only pair of Frogs...but I feel the itch for more already.

I went for the Crystal Black with +Red Iridium. Looks so cool. Discrete frame but loud lenses. Love it.

Lenses looks blue in the pic...they are really more red-ish...


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Oakley Collector
Luton UK
Very nice i may have to pick a pair of these up same day but i have the black light so almost the same thing i think?

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