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  1. AngryChair

    AngryChair Oakley Beginner

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    nothing particularly special but got my first pair of Fuel Cells and Deviations.

    always liked how fuel cells looked but never bought any before now. Gascans never fit me, so i always assumed FC wouldn't fit either but finally tried them on at SGH and had to get some. originally went there to get a pair of STYLE SWITCH but they didn't fit me as well.

    Fuel Cells are probably my new favorite style.

    First Pair Of Fuel Cells And Deviations - ok1_zpsfe7a12bb.jpg

    the Deviation i bought from Vault online just because the price was good. they're not actually my style so i'll probably give them to my Pops.

    both pairs are polished black with warm grey lenses

    First Pair Of Fuel Cells And Deviations - ok2_zpse694d69f.jpg
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. chaibill

    chaibill Oakley Beginner

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    Nice stuff. I keep seeing the deviations on vault site too. Waiting for the matte frame.
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