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First pair of Oakleys! Flak 2.0 frame concern


Oakley Beginner
Just received my first pair of Oakleys, the SI flak 2.0 with XL maritime lenses. I absolutely love these, but I can see the frames on the left and right side in my peripheral vision. They do bother me right now, but I'd rather not return these for a different frame (I was also looking at the speed jacket). I'm sure some of you on here have had this issue, have you gotten used to it? Is this how these frames are supposed to be?

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Oakley Expert
Premium Member
West Michigan
I've gotten used to it after a couple weeks. I have two of them and while the little 'bump' on each side is the main part I see, it's still better than most other frames (such as my Holbrook XL) where you're definitely going to see the edge in your sides (but guess it's more 'natural' to some people).

If you find that you can't quite get it, you may have to look at something with even more wrap around (but would seem more sporty such as a Sutro etc, or the Radar if they have slightly more wrap before the stems.

And that's how they are, everyone's eyes are different including sensitivity to obstructions in their peripheral.


Oakley Beginner
I just got a pair a few weeks ago and I can see that little "bump" on either side if I look for it but I find I don't really notice it anymore unless I'm really looking for it. It's worth mentioning though that I have a smaller face so it's way over in the periphery for me.

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