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First Time Buyer - Looking For Advice.


Oakley Beginner
I'm going to invest in some new sunglasses, I want something light, comfortable, durable with some really lovely lenses which are a pleasure to look through.

I'm really liking the M Frame Strike's...

Am I right in thinking that these ones are Matt Black with Grey Polarized lenses (and not the jet/polished black with black iridium lenses?)?


As well as keeping the sun out, I would also like some light enhancing lenses for my M Frames, - can anyone recommend anything?

Last question, - I haven't tried on the M Frames yet... but I have tried on the Radars.... I didnt like the Radar's as the frame seemed to look to wide for my head. Are the M Frame's a little narrower fit?

Many thanks for any help :)

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Welcome to the forum! Glad you came to us for advice!
Number 1! ANY Oakley lens is a pleasure to look through! Seriously!
But if you're looking for a everyday pair, i would suggest a grey...if you want them to look a little flashier,but still everyday, you can go
with a black iridium. personally i stick a pair of black iridiums on any pair i plan to wear on a daily basis..
i hate the fact that people can see your eyes through the grey.
Alot of people are also fans of the vr28. i know some people that swear by vr28 on any pair.
Its more of a brown tinted lens... It would be personal preference.

The strike is my favorite lens on the m-frame! They look sharp!

Also, if you have a chance, you can see if you find some ballistic m-frame 2.0's either on eBay or Craigslist in your area.
Those always seem to be all over craigslist. Anywho. Those are Military issued M-Frames.
They look pretty beefy. They come with a strike lens. In grey and they will also include a 2nd lens, in either clear or persimmon!
which could work your way if you're looking for a persimmon lens. They're also cost effective. Since the 2.0's
are military issued they're cost effective. you can find pairs for as low as $40 new in box!

Andddd finally, definitely narrower fit. lol


Oakley Beginner
Thanks for the warm welcome and detailed information and advice - very much appreciated :)

I see what you mean about seeing eyes through the grey, it depends on the lighting and angle I think, - however, they do look more understated as a lense, and I think the M-Frame's are reasonably "flashy" as they are (so I thought the grey would kind of balance that out if you see what I mean)..... - it's also the reason I am leaning towards matt, as opposed to jet, black.

I'm going to research the vr28, as i dont know much about those.

And yes the amber lens, i've seen the persimmon (dont think they come polarized) and Gold iridium (but understand the persimmon will better enhance light than the gold will....

So glad to hear the m frame's are narrower! I'm looking forward to trying them on in a couple of weeks (local shops dont stock them, but i'll be in London soon so will visit the official Oakley store).


Make sure you try on as many pairs as you can! You'll find yourself on here later wanting to purchase alot of glasses! TRUST ME!
And it'll be alot easier to purchase,or deny alot of offers if you know what they look like on you!
I have the m-frames in matte black,as well as the m-frame 2.0's in matte black.
They complete the look they were going for, not a big fan of the jet black in those frames.

Anywho! if you have any more questions or come up with some info on how your purchase is going
post it on here!



Gotta love a good DOG
Like Johnny said you MUST try different styles as you may end up finding a pair you had never even thought about. Make sure you go to official outlets are there are so many fakes out there & you could end up loosing out. If you find a pair & aren't sure, get plenty of photos & pop back here with your questions. When you do purchase post your pic's here.

Oh & WELCOME to the "O" family


Oakley Beginner
Ah, good advice.

I am from the UK, I guess there's a fair few others on here from the UK too then. I'll have to check out the for-sale forum.

Thanks Oakley_Sight :)

I've been looking at the Oakley site, and it seems they dont have any VR28 Polarized lenses, for the M-Frame - in fact, the only polarized they offer, regardless of ANY lense) is grey or black iridium.. - is their website out of date?


Oakley Beginner
hey phil, i was the one that replied to you on your youtube comment! glad to see you found this forum.

i moseyed to the o store last friday and needed new activity frames so i tried on both the radar and the m frame. i def preferred the m frame's fit and strike lens shape so i picked up the jet black with black iridium lens. although it may sound flashy to some, its really not compared to the rest of oakley's line haha.


Oakley Beginner
Hey MugenPWR - small world ;)

I used to have a Mugen exhaust on my S2000 incidently ;) -

That's encouraging what you say about the m frame's fit... - I was really excited about the Radar's..... - until I tried them on... - just way too wide for my head! I think the fact that the radar's frame is thicker at the sides makes it look bulkier too.

I'll try on both the iridium and the grey.. - but i'm leaning towards the matte with either... - then just got to decide on additional light enhancing lense.. - preferably polarized, - if they exist :)


Oakley Beginner
i felt the same way about the radars looking too wide. also between my experience with both grey and black iridium lenses, the greys aren't as strong in reducing light inlet as i'd like and i prefer the black iridiums muuuuch more, but of course it all depends on your location/conditions (im from texas lol)


Oakley Enthusiast
So since this thread was about buying a pair of M-Frames I thought I would show you a picture of my pair. I have a Matte black with positive red iridium(I think. I bought them without a box and am not completely sure maybe someone can tell me if they are) strike. You can still see my eyes through them which I really don't like but they are my most practilce pair of oakleys I own. I can do just about anything with them like yard work all the way to wear them when I go out. These are one of my favorite pairs I own. The polished black is a little more flashy but its not to bad. Either way you go you get a good pair of glasses.