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First time caller, long time listener!


Oakley Enthusiast
Hi everybody! I have been collecting Oakleys off and on over the past 10 years, I currently don’t have many but I have always been a fan of the the wires. My very first pair were a half wire 2.0 in carbon with bronze polarized.

Over the years I have owned x-metals, sports frames- mainly flak jackets (I still own a pair of matte black flak jackets with VR28 BIP, I don’t get rid of them because I love the lens color), and of course, assorted wire glasses. The 2020 whiskers were a welcome addition to my line-up, I got a black and brown one. Other then that I have also been a fan of the square wires over the years (both the 2014 and the generation before that which was around about 10 years ago). I have a set of Rx square wires in prizm black polarized.

Speaking of lenses, I am a huge fan of anything black. Original BIP is still my favorite because it just simply blocks bright glare so well. VR28 BIP is like my Swiss Army knife of lenses, I feel like it can do anything. I am liking prizm black polarized and prizm road black- I guess we will see if they stand the test of time.

So anyways that is me. After we started having kids I noticed a direct negative correlation between the amount of Oakleys I had as well as the number of kids 😀. I don’t have many anymore, but that is ok. I just wanted to join here to jump into conversations, learn, and see what cool things Oakley still has going on!

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Staff member
Welcome to the forum! Sounds like you'll fit right in here. And you might find the forum even has a way of reversing that correlation between kids and Oakleys! 😂

Ti man*

Oakley Expert
Nebraska, USA