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  1. FlyFishing

    FlyFishing Oakley Beginner

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    Hey everyone. I suppose I'll double this post with a quick intro.

    New to forums here. Have never owned a pair of Oakley's.

    For 5 1/2 months out of the year I spend my summers in Alaska where I work as a remote country fly fishing guide. At home in the Buffalo, NY area during the fall/ winter months I work for a friend of mine who owns a construction company building houses and work part time on the weekends guiding Lake Erie/Ontario streams for Steelhead.

    Plainly put I spend on average a minimum of 200+ days on the water guiding fishing trips on rivers.

    I've tried Orvis glasses, Maui Jim glasses and Costa Del Mar's. I gave up the 20$ fishing glasses back in my teens. Some of the aforementioned shades have done me very well and others have plain been wastes of cash that I've given away to clients.

    For some reason I've never considered Oakley's. So as I sit here counting down the next 20 tays until I head back out to the great north I decided to check out my local Oakley store.

    The guy that attended to me was very knowledgable and extremely patient when it came do dealing with me. I tried every polarized lens they had in stock in as many frames as I could. I had the guy going back and forth between taking me outside with different combo's to test them in the out of door lighting rather than in store.

    As far as frames go I've decided on the Bottle Rocket's. They felt absolutely perfect on my face. As far as lens's go I've settled on Polarized Bronze and VR28 Black Iridium Polarized.

    When looking at the frames I was pretty annoyed that the polished black finish was not available with the VR28 lens because the stock option is just the Black Iridium Lens, not the VR28. In my testing today I preferred the VR28. The stock frame for the VR28 has silver sparkles in it. Anyway whatever no big deal. Come to find they make a Brown Smoke frame which come stock with the Bronze Polarized. Perfect. I'll just buy the VR28's as a replacement lens.

    Has anyone had on water experience with these lens's. More specifically fishing in creeks that will have both shallow and deep water as well as all sorts of under structure? I'll drop the cash on the glasses with no worries but I'd really like to hear, if possible, some first hand responses of these exact lens's in a stream fishing specific use.

    As a side note, do the Oakley cases they sell come equipped with some sort of compartment or something to store extra lens's? And if so how many extra lens's will they safely hold?

    Sorry for the long post. It was not my original intention to have you reading some long winded rambling of mine but that's the way it worked out. So is life. If you've managed to hold on, and have experience with these lens's I'd really love to hear what you have to say. I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Take care!

    - Tony -
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. qBan

    qBan The Hijinxer

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    welcome to the forum, polarized is deff the way to go for fishing. and i must say pretty cool job you have, sounds fun! i guess we wont see you around in the forum often
  3. mtedenajimenez

    mtedenajimenez Oakley Beginner

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    i don't know too much about them, but oakley makes fishing specific lens. not sure which, if any, of the current models have them. oakley calls it "angling specific." i couldn't really tell you what advantage the angling specific polarized will have over the regular polarized when fishing, but they have it. not sure if any of the oakley workers have mentioned angling specific when they showed you glasses, but it would be something to ask for if they haven't. the only reason i know is because i have a pair of angling specific square wire pewter frame's with a deep blue polarized/angling lens. i didn't buy them for the angling though, i bought them because i thought the deep blue lens looked awesome with the gunmetal-like pewter frame, haha (i believe the square wire is discontinued though). just doing a quick search on oakley.com it seems that the bottle rockets come in both the shallow blue and deep blue polarized lens which are angling specific, and anything on oakley.com should be a current model.
  4. Millerntor

    Millerntor Oakley Beginner

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    Welcome to the forum,

    for fishing I use the specific deep blue polarized lenses, they work very, very well (river and lake)! I got them in an Straight Jacket, those should fit you as well. Give em a try ! Regards from Germany !
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  5. Herbsley

    Herbsley Royal Duke of Hijinx

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    O-Review website lists.

    Shallow Blue Polarised models
    http://www.o-review.com/lenses_search.asp?family=Eyewear&lens=Shallow Blue Polarized

    Deep Blue Polarised models
    http://www.o-review.com/lenses_search.asp?family=Eyewear&lens=Deep Blue Polarized
  6. Radar

    Radar Oakley Beginner

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    I have a pair of Half Jackets with Shallow Blue lenses. I mostly fish in streams and ponds and they work great in most conditions whether the water is shallow or deep. I also own a pair of polarized tens with black iridium and another pair with positive red polarized, these are also good, but I find both pairs work better on bright days. The Shallow Blue is best all around for regardless light conditions.... but I live in Newfoundland where the majority of the weather isn't sunny, so my pick for fishing would be Shallow Blue. That being said I've been meaning to buy a a pair with Deep Blue just to see what the difference is and if they would be better then the Shallow Blue in similar conditions.
  7. TheDutchman92

    TheDutchman92 Oakley Enthusiast

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    The main advantage of the angling specific line is lens tints that are formulated specifically to enhance vision while looking into either deep water (deep blue) or shallow water (shallow blue). they also feature polarization to reduce flat surface glare and a hydrophobic coating (rare for oakley models) that will repel any water that gets on the lens.
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  8. OakleyJared

    OakleyJared Oakley Enthusiast

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    I have both the Shallow and Deep Blue polarized lenses for my Flak Jackets. Both work wonders in their respective situations. What was wonderful about Flak was the case does come with a place for extra lenses. Made switching a breeze. Bottle Rocket does not come with that exact case, but I am sure you can find one somewhere.
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  9. dann

    dann Oakley Beginner

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    You mentioned Orvis. There was an Orvis signature line of several models which was Bronze or VR28 Polarized. I had one of the XX, but sold it off since I tended to not wear it, and it wasn't exactly a collector's item.

    The Oakley Review - Catalogue Listing
  10. brewc

    brewc Oakley Beginner

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    I Have Shallow Blue for Half Jacket and live in the Wsetern Mountains of Virginia so it's trout fishing here they work great, I had used before buying the was the VR28 Blue Iridium Polarized but that style Polarized is right now discontinued. As far as a case the O store should sell Half Jacket or Jawbone hard cases you can keep them in or a Jawbone sift bag has a pouch pocket with liner to hold a set of lenses also.