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  1. mark r

    mark r Oakley Beginner

    Trophy Points:
    Time to upgrade my Monster Dog Shallow Water Blue.

    Looking at the VALVE and TURBINE prizm

    I see a product code for Turbine Shallow Blue Prizm.
    I also see a product code for the Valve shallow blue LENSES ONLY.
    But I don't see a product code for the Valve + shallow blue prizm COMPLETE.

    1) do they make the Valve + shallow blue prizm COMPLETE?
    2) anyone compare the NEW shallow blue prizm to the old shallow blue (non prizm) on the water
    3) any comparison of Valve to Turbine. The Turbine just looked a little large to me....
    Last edited: 1/14/16
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  2. Stanleybb50

    Stanleybb50 Oakley Expert

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    $140 for a Deep Water Prizm valve brand new from Verizon Smart Rewards. I know it's not the shallow, but a good lens to look through.

    FISHING SPECIFIC - 14d55f0bc2fad79de05f0c1f915334e9.jpg
  3. The Game

    The Game Oakley Collector

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    Haven't seen a valve with the shallow blue but I know there is a batwolf