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Hello. So I just got my first pair of oakleys, they're gascans. I read this a while back on amazons reviews of the gascans and remembered it just now.

Hi J. Julian, it is K again. My son took his Gascans in today to have them adjusted. I thought it would be a screw to tightent, but no! They actually warmed the arms and nose bridge to form them specifically to his face. He can wiggle his head up down and back and forth without them even moving at all. My son plans to use them for baseball. I hope you get to use them for more than just saftey glasses. They are a really nice looking pair of sunglasses! Good luck!
Well like I said I just got my first pair of oakleys, they're a little bit loose so I remembered this persons post. Have any of you ever heard of this before, I've tried searching for ways to do this but I'm not sure. If it's not possible it's okay how they are but would be nice if they were a little more snug. Thanks in advance for future replies!

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on ebay search oakley gascans somewhere on there somebody made small foam pieces that can be placed in the hinges of the sunglasses this makes the hinges not close compltely because they are cusioned by these small foam pieces makes the stems hug your head a little more snug i have these in one pair of my gascans it may help


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id say that most likely those were fake or they totally ruined the glasses. oakleys are made from a "plastic" o-matter frame which is infused with nylon so they flex and wont break. as far as i know oakley only makes a couple glasses made of acetate which is the something you can heat up, they are all womens frames though. just do what laxboi said and buy the foam inserts


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My gascans are just a bit too loose too and I called my local Oakley Vault and they said they cant adjust them so I would go with the foam inserts too. If you do get the inserts let us know how they work!


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I wore them a little longer and they started feeling better, maybe my head just got bigger :p But if it starts to really bother me I have some double sided tape and there's a little bit of foam in between, about the same amount as what the guy is selling on ebay so I may try that.


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You could just send them to Oakley and they should sort them out. I know UK used to charge a fee of £14 for a brand new frame.

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