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  1. Odad0108

    Odad0108 Oakley Beginner

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    My Flagstick golf shoes arrived the other day. I don't have a tee time until next week. Anyone else have these shoes that can give me their thoughts after playing a round in them? They seemed comfortable wearing them around the house trying to break them in, but there are not many reviews out there.

    Flagstick Golf Shoes - B8F78C6B-40A7-4A86-8D1A-462772DC63C2-28656-00000B780CF22522_zpsa0cfab5b.jpg
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  2. OakleyJared

    OakleyJared Oakley Enthusiast

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    They are very comfortable. I wore them not so much for golf, but around in general. The only gripe I have about them is they have very little venting. Feet were pretty drenched at the end of wearing them for a few hours.