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Flak 2.0 - XL vs. Standard


Oakley Expert
I saw on Oakley's website they came out with more colorways for the Flak 2.0 XL as well as the standard lens version. Has anyone compared the two? Are the lenses much different? I would assume the XL is bigger but the CGI pictures on the website make it hard to tell.

I did see a standard colorway featuring OO Red Iridium lenses, which is awesome. I was hoping they weren't going to phase that lens out. I hope they make it available in XL, as well as a VR28 and OO BIP...

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The XL lens: from the nose has a concave curve to them towards the edge.

The standard: from the nose are exactly the same height as the XL, but then have a very slight upwards curve to them towards the edge, almost straight.

Standard and XL are both 58mm wide and 38mm high.

I will have the new standard OO red iridium polar here this Fri. I will take pics.