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Flak Jacket vs Half Jacket vs Half Jacket 2.0


Oakley Beginner
I've got kind of a smallish face. I've read different opinions of which frame is best for smaller faces, so I'm hoping someone can clear things up.

Are the original Half Jackets the smallest of the three? Then the Flak Jackets and the Half 2.0 roughly the same size?

Would the Half jackets look better on me based on the pic below? Thanks!


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Oakley Beginner

How's this? This frame feels larger than the first picture. I don't know what the difference is. They're both original Flak's.

jon bev

Oakley Beginner
I would say the original half jacket XLJ would suit you perfect, i have a pair and they are too small for my face, i now have flak 2.0 XLJ which are perfect.


Oakley Expert
I have Flak Jacket and my brother in law has Half Jacket 2.0. His are noticibly tighter and both were bought new. Hope that helps.


Oakley Collector
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Wes-syde, Cali
first up i would say be mindful of lenses shape; STD vs XLJ
XLJ usually covers more area and looks bigger but i think looks better
STD looks smaller

secondly, the new Flak 2.0 def has larger lenses, more coverage than the others

thirdly, i think some of the half/flak/flak 2/half 2 may have asian fit frames which can be slightly wider. you'll need to research that further and maybe use the model number on the inside to see if they come up as Asian fit.
i know for certain Flak 2.0 has regular and Asian fit and they are different sizes.

the pictures above both seem like the frame is a little too big for you so you may want to try a Half Jacket 1 or a Half Jacket 2.0, IMHO

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