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  1. Martlet

    Martlet Oakley Beginner

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    I ordered a pair of these today, prescription, with OTD Black Irid Polar w/Back AR. I didn't really look around first, since I've owned Oakley long ago with good results. I wanted a pair for my motorcycle, and these lenses seemed light enough for dusk use, but dark enough for daytime. The eye coverage seemed great, as they XLJ reaches the check and wraps nicely. Since they're prescription, I won't get them for a month it seems.

    A few friends have said it was a bad purchase, and the new Oakley products aren't good quality. Anyone familiar with these? If you take care of them, how bad can they be?
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  2. RobT2K

    RobT2K Oakley Beginner

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    I just got some xlj flak jackets black iridium polarized from us standard issue, they're the first flaks I've ever had and I really like them. I had gascans before these and the light weight of these is much better. I wore them on my motorcycle too, with the visor up it was a nice unobstructed view, felt like not having any glasses on.
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  3. bhrea3

    bhrea3 Oakley Enthusiast

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    I have 2 flak's xlj's and rest assured your few friends are probably just jealous or Costa fans. Those are very well made as the rest of Oakley products and lenses.
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