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Flip-flopping On 2 Holbrooks...


Oakley Beginner
Gotta make a choice between the Jupiter Camo Holbrook or the Shaun White Holbrook's (Black frame/24k gold lenses). Can only buy 1 at the moment and would prolly buy the other in a month or so. I know the Jupiter Camo's are limited so im thinking i should go with those but then again the Shaun White's are pretty dope. Im guessing the Shaun White ones arent going anywhere because they aren't limited but who knows. Any opinions?
Yeah i def agree that the Whites are more of an everyday pair seeing as the frame is black and the Jupiter's are red lol.
Camo's are cool for the right occasion but not all the time. If you can't get both go with the most everyday friendly pair first.
Yeah I might just do that then. It makes the most sense logically atleast lol. The other pair I was thinkin bout was the Moto GP's but they don't have em online at the oakley store or in any of the stores I have been in. The emerald iridium lenses are sick on that pair
if you go with the shaun whites get the polished white pair, it looks nice in person and not as common as the black ones
Hahaha I'm having that same problem, my brother is in Australia and I asked him to pick up a pair of the Red/Blue Holbrooks, I can only get one atm too so instead of thinking I said it was his call on which color combo to pick.
The MotoGP's are another consideration too if you can find them. They have been super hard to find in my area though.
Like what everyone else is saying, the polished black/24K are better for everyday use. The MotoGPs are badass and I would pick those up before those other two, but that's just me. Good luck on which pair you decide to buy and let us know!

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