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  1. flippj

    flippj Oakley Beginner

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    Last week I updated my inventory after a trim down session as I was going to list my collection for sale.
    Reason being the wife had found her dream home and we were shy on the cash, but it all worked out in the end so the collection stays, so I thought Id list what I have.
    Predominantly original vintage, but all either excellent/mint/NOS condition.
    All my mumbos are NOS with boxes

    Zero 0.1
    Zero 0.2
    Zero 0.2P
    Zero 0.2 carbon/bronze
    Zero 0.3
    Zero 0.3P
    Zero 0.4 black iridium
    Zero 0.4 glitter gulch
    Zero 0.5 black iridium
    Zero 0.6 +red
    Zero 0.6 blue iridium
    Zero 0.6 black iridium
    Zero 0.6 clear
    Zero 0.6 persimmon
    Zero 0.6 gold
    Zero 0.6 black iridium
    Zero N2T

    Eyeshade yellow/orange iridium vented
    Eyeshade black/orange iridium vented
    Eyeshade white/orange iridium vented
    Eyeshade black/violet iridium vented

    Mumbo neon yellow/orange iridium sweep
    Mumbo neon yellow/orange iridium heater
    Mumbo neon yellow/blue iridium 67
    Mumbo neon yellow/blue iridium hybrid
    Mumbo neon yellow/+red iridium strip
    Mumbo black/grey strip
    Mumbo white/+red iridium strip
    Mumbo white/+ red v
    Mumbo white/black iridium 67

    Razor blade neon yellow/violet iridium
    Razor blade neon yellow/orange iridium
    Razor blade white/orange iridium
    Razor blade black/orange iridium
    Razor blade black/orange iridium slit

    M frame splatter purple/grey v
    M frame splatter pink/blue iridium hybrid
    M frame splatter grey/black iridium sweep
    M frame splatter yellow/blue iridium sweep
    M frame splatter aqua /black iridium sweep-VERY RARE PROTOTYPE
    M frame carbon fibre/orange iridium hybrid
    M frame crystal red/black 67
    M frame fingerprint/+red 67

    Minute gen 1 cobalt/+red iridium
    Racing jackets gen 1 polished black/+red iridium
    JPM Valve
    Signature Lance Armstrong FMJ/blue iridium M Frames
    Signature Rusty Wallace M Frames
    Signature David Duval M Frames

    Dartboard honey
    Dartboard black iridium
    Dartboard plasma
    Dartboard berry
    Dartboard clear
    Dartboard matt black custom

    D1 watch yellow/black
    D5 watch orange
    D2 watch grey
    Eddie Jordan TB
    Rusty Wallace TB
    Original Pro Frame Goggles snow camo/black iridium still in factory cellophane!

    REP SAMPLE SET including sub zero 3n +red RX implants, black strike lense with RX implants, clear heater with RX implants,yellow sweep with RX implants,VR28 sweep with RX implants in m frame vaulth and black outer cardboard box with barcode and SKU-europe only.

    Double Wide Display tower
    Single Wide Display Tower

    Ill get a link to the picture on my o-review collections page
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. Juleye Exclusive Eyewear

    Juleye Exclusive Eyewear http://www.juleye.nl

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    Nice collection Paul, but you already know that I like it. Still need to get me some Orange Mirror Eyehades one day.
  3. Max Fearlight

    Max Fearlight Oakley Beginner

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    thats a killer vintage collection there. wow, are you missing any zeros? seems like you havem all? amazing. and i must ask you, do you still have both EJ GP TB & RW #2 TB? if memory serves me correctly, i think you parted with them at one point. anyhow, its a nice story that you were able to maintain this awesome collection.
  4. flippj

    flippj Oakley Beginner

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    We still remain the only 2 people that I know of that have a pair of those aqua splatters :)

    Im just missing a gen 1 zero 0.1, the pair will full circular orbitals
    Correct, I did sell an EJ TB few years ago and regretted it immediately, so I made it a mission to get another one which I did 2 years ago :)
  5. washi me sensie

    washi me sensie The Oakley Rōnin

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    Would love to see this set!! :cool:
  6. medusaboy

    medusaboy Oakley Beginner

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    hé it s one awesome collec !
    yé i love your vintage glasses !
  7. big bopper

    big bopper Oakley Enthusiast

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  8. OakleyFrankFMJ

    OakleyFrankFMJ The Legend - - Vlad the Impaler Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    Seriously, that really would have sucked to have to part out that collection. I'm happy to see that you didn't have to.
    I just couldn't imagine all that stuff going separate ways! I would have taken it all off your hands just to keep them all together, know what I mean?
  9. GRFMotorsports

    GRFMotorsports is an Oakley whore Premium Member

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    I cant wait to see it all set up and displayed properly in your new house when the time comes.
  10. flippj

    flippj Oakley Beginner

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